Walkie Talkie – Redell R-1000

Walkie Talkie – Redell R-1000

Long Range High Quality Product

  • Location: Gwarko-17, Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Contact Dealer via Phone: 9841601263


Wireless 400-470MHz talkie walkie 20km range

Launching Parts
Residual radiation <-60dB
Preemphasis Character 6dB
Modulation Type FM ( F3E)
Modulation Distortion <5%
Emission Current 1000mA
Frequency Stability  2.5ppm
Maximum frequency deviation: ≤±5KHz
  Receiving Parts
RX sensitivity   ≤ 0.18μV
Squelch Sensitivity  <0.2uV
Intermodulation Immuntity 50dB
Audio Distortion ≥400mW
Receiving Current ≤400mA
Noise current 20mA
Standby current 60Ma battery save 20mA
Standard  Accessories
Standard  Accessories: Battery*1 , Antenna*1,  Changer*1 , Belt clip*1 ,Hand strap*1

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Plenty of safety, Reasonable price, Sizable space, High fuel economy, Easy-to-use entertainment system



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